Nevada State Infrastructure Bank

The Nevada State Infrastructure Bank was established to provide low-cost financing to Nevada state agencies, local governments, Tribal governments, and non-profit organizations for priority infrastructure projects.

The Bank is working to provide qualified borrowers with financing for a variety of infrastructure projects, including transportation facilities, utility infrastructure, digital infrastructure, recycling and sustainability infrastructure, renewable energy infrastructure, social infrastructure, water and wastewater infrastructure, and other infrastructure related to economic development.

The Bank has been capitalized with an initial $75 million in State general obligation bonds, which will be expended in the following project categories:

  • $40 million for projects through the Federal Infrastructure Matching Account;
  • $20 million for projects through the Affordable Housing Revolving Account; and
  • $15 million for projects through the Charter School Capital Needs Revolving Account.

In evaluating applications for financing, the Bank is working to leverage outside sources of capital to help finance projects that improve quality of life, strengthen Nevada’s climate resiliency, and help to promote a strong economy for communities across the State.

If you are interested in applying to the State Infrastructure Bank for a loan or other financial assistance for infrastructure projects, please complete an application here.

To learn more about the Nevada State Infrastructure Bank, please visit their website here.

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